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Payment, Notice, and Appeals

Medicare payments can be sent directly to the health care provider or to the patient. Regardless of the method of payment, the patient must receive notice that the provider has filed a medical insurance claim. The notice should detail the medical services provided, identify the expenses that are covered and approved by Medicare, and itemize any expenses that have been credited toward the annual deductible and any expenses Medicare has already paid in full. Patients or providers who are dissatisfied with a decision made regarding a Medicare claim may ask CMMS or the insurance carrier to reconsider the decision, depending on the nature of the claim. Following reconsideration, either party may request a formal hearing before an administrative law judge, though no formal hearing will be granted for claims made under Part B unless the claim is for at least $100. Once the administrative law review process has been completed, aggrieved parties may appeal to federal district court. Part B claims must total at least $1,000, however, before a federal district court will hear the appeal.

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